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Facility Dogs

Facility dogs are expertly trained dogs who partner with a handler working in a health care or educational setting. Facility dog handlers are working professionals responsible for the handling and caring of the facility dog and are committed to long-term employment where they directly serve clients.


What Facility Dogs Do

Together, they work on a regular basis in the handler's working environment to serve individuals that may need companionship, social interaction, emotional support and comfort, and/or feeling of safety and security. They may also provide motivation, learning engagement, or rehabilitation assistance.

Facility dogs can be trained to work in the following environments:

  • Long term care communities

  • Schools

  • Residential care settings

  • Courtrooms, legal settings

  • Funeral homes

  • Mental health care and support settings

  • Health care & rehabilitation environments

  • etc. as deemed appropriate

Is a Facility Dog Right for Your Location?

Any handler or facility/location interested in adding a facility dog will need to meet with us for a pre-evaluation to determine suitability and fit. 

Additional eligibility requirements may include (and are not limited to):

  • Work within an appropriate setting/environment that is conducive to having a facility dog (animal welfare considerations)

  • Prior approval and support from employer/location for partnering with a facility dog

  • Able to demonstrate the ability to safely and positively control, manage, and care for a dog

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