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A Grief Club for Women

A platitude and toxic positivity-free space to share, learn, and talk about death, dying, loss, and grief while engaging in activities that are fun, stress and worry-free, and supportive of our community.

We can't, and won't, fix your grief or loss because neither are problems to be solved.

We will hold space for you.

And we promise to offer a safe, inclusive environment where you can find connection.

Membership benefits:

The perfect club that you never wanted.

This is NOT an "everything happens for a reason"-type of club.

This is a "there is nothing wrong with you, grief feels like total hell" kind of club.

Mournarchs have access to special events including our members-only grief workshops,

de-stress activities, wellness outdoor hikes & camps, and virtual support groups.

In 2023, GLADYS will offer Mournarchs a

1st Annual Grief Retreat.

Mournarch book club offers an opportunity to learn and discuss topics related to grief, loss, death, and dying as well as other topics that we decide as a group. Membership fees go to help cover the cost of books so that members don't have to worry about ordering them or finding them in time.

Mournarchs get exclusive discounted rates on programs and service offerings. Through our community partnerships, members can also receive discounts on retail items and more.

Book Club


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Yes, there is a fee. Your fees help to cover the cost of renting spaces, books, food, supplies, etc. Thank you!

Select an item ($)

Grief isn't just about death. We grieve and mourn all sorts of loss & secondary losses

and each one is valid. GLADYS's goal through Mournarchs is to create a safe community

for all types of loss.

We don't allow grief-thieves or grief-hijacking.

No one wins when you compare your grief to the grief experienced by another person.

Member-only events coming FALL & WINTER 2022/23. Book club begins WINTER/SPRING 2023. Stay tuned!

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