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Therapy Dog Training

Learn from the most highly qualified certified professional trainer! Hayl utilizes the most up-to-date science-based training and behavior methodologies to grow the human-animal bond, molding you and your dog into a exceptionally prepared therapy dog team. Her training support is always pain-free, fear-free, force-free, and coercion-free.

Therapy dog preparatory classes are designed to inform both ends of the leash. You and your dog will learn how to shape foundational cues as well as discover how to build behaviors needed in different therapy environments. Each basic skills class will cover the skills needed to take and successfully pass the Pet Partners Therapy Animal Evaluation so that you may become a registered therapy dog team and provide animal assisted activities (AAA). More advanced class offerings focus on therapy dog skills required in more complex settings and scenarios including crisis response (AACR), counseling/therapy settings (AAT), grief support, and hospital visits.

 For more information about group class opportunities see below. To find out about facility dog training or service dog training see here and for private lessons or behavior consults see here


Therapy Dog Classes

Our specialty! We help prepare you and your dog to become a successful therapy dog team! We offer entry level training as well as more advanced courses, focusing on skills needed to provide animal assisted interventions in both private and community settings. Class includes building on foundational skills as well as incorporating cues needed in all types of therapy environments as well as:

  • Focus around distractions

  • Appropriate interactions with medical assistive devices and equipment

  • Polite greetings

  • Offering cues in diverse conditions

  • Behavior chains

  • and more


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We partner and collaborate with Pet Partners of Greater Des Moines.

To learn more about becoming a registered therapy dog team, check out Pet Partners of Greater Des Moines's Facebook page or click the logo below

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Advanced Skills

Build upon foundational skills and increase your understanding of more advanced topics. Use free shaping to create new cues or continue on in your therapy dog journey. We offer a variety of classes catered to an experienced team. Advanced classes may include classes such as:

  • Therapy Dog Prep Level 2

  • Therapy Dogs in the Hospice Environment

  • Therapy Dogs in the Hospital Environment

  • Intro to Crisis Response

  • Free Shaping & Behavior Chains

  • and more!

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