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Grief Support &
De-Stress Events in Schools and Higher Education

GLADYS provides grief support and grief education in the academic environment. Services are catered to the age group and location of the educational setting and include the provision of grief support groups, trauma-informed grief and loss education and professional trainings of administration and staff.

We also understand and recognize the inherently stressful higher education environment and seek to advocate and support college-aged, professional, and non-traditional students. It is our goal to encourage positive well-being and advocacy through the provision of trauma-informed grief and loss supportive programs such as:


- Therapy Dogs on Campus: De-Stress During Finals

- What is grief? A workshop devoted to the understanding of grief and loss

- Adapting to Loss: A seminar focused on addressing the life changes and  challenges related to loss

- Support Groups (varies types and lengths)

- Others as requested: We can create programs that are tailored to your population needs

ALL of our school programming and services can be done with OR without AAI.


Death & Dying Education

Woah. We know. No more pics of cute therapy dogs. The mood changed.

And that's the problem. We don't talk about death.

And not talking about death only makes it worse.

So, we also offer death and dying education within secondary and higher education learning environments. We believe in combating the taboos and myths that surround death and dying starts with education. Death is an inevitable part of life. When we enable our society to avoid those discussions we deny people critical information they need to make informed decisions about end-of-life as well as continue to perpetuate stereotypes surrounding grief, and the feelings of loss, even more denied, ignored, and disenfranchised.

Check out the other events and opportunities we offer as well as SpeakingGrief and TalkDeath to join the conversations.

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