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End-of-life Services

GLADYS offers non-medical, non-judgmental support and assistance provided throughout an individual's end-of-life experience. Such support promotes and facilitates end-of-life discussions and preparations and can include the provision of a wide range of individualized services including (but not limited to) advanced care planning, legacy creations, sitting vigil and companionship, emotional & grief support, in-home care support, and more.

Although these services and discussions can be difficult to have or consider, we are passionate about helping people to make informed end-of-life decisions.

So, take a deep breath and read on.

Women Laughing on Beach
Women Laughing on Beach

Death Doula

GLADYS's death doula services can include supporting a client and their family emotionally, physically, and practically as well as assisting clients in facilitating end-of-life discussions or mediating conflicts. Services may begin when death is near or years before.


Service offerings are available to any individual (all ages) that has received a terminal diagnosis. After receiving such a diagnosis, many individuals feel lost, scared, and nervous. We are here to help, guide, and support in all the ways a person may need. We can off grief and loss support, sitting vigil at bedside, comfort, companionship, enrichment, and sharing of stories, or even crafting autobiographies and life story projects. We can even accompany an individual to doctor or therapy appointments. Sometimes it is just as simple as having a calming presence and trusting voice or someone that can answer questions or address concerns with openness and honesty. In many cases, death doula services include in-home (non-medical) support.

Remember: You are not alone.

Advanced Care Planning

We understand that having discussions about death and dying can be difficult and uncomfortable, and that is why we are here. Because those conversations are so incredibly important, ensuring you are prepared, as you want & need to be,

and that your wishes are honored and respected.

Advanced care planning is not legal or medical advice. Instead, it is curated support that can assist you in determining crucial end-of-life decisions. 

GLADYS advanced care planning services can include family mediation, assisting you in filling out critical documents like your advanced directives, living will, or selecting your health care power of attorney. We can also help you discover information regarding aging in place, selecting at-home services, funeral or life celebration planning, green burial services, ritual and memorial creation, and more.

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